Office Tour

We are very proud of our office. Our office utilizes the latest in technology to offer high quality dental care in safe, relaxing surroundings, where every possible step has been taken to reduce its environmental impact. We are located in the Greenbridge building, the most water and energy efficient new construction in the entire Triangle. Please click the thumbnails below to view photos of the new space and continue to read down the page for a description of our office features.

In our space, we have used low VOC paints, environmentally sound bamboo flooring, LED lights and natural materials throughout the office. Inside the operatories you will find state-of-the-art treatment chairs facing out a wall of windows. All x-rays are taken with low-dose digital radiography sensors and shown on one of our iPads, which can be used to listen to music, play games or browse the internet.

Our sterilization center is on display in the main hallway, showing our patients how seriously we take the cleanliness of materials and instruments. All our intra-oral instruments are cleaned by an ultrasonic bath, hand-wrapped and sterilized in our industry-leading autoclave, which uses only steam heat and no harsh chemicals.

Our digital panoramic x-ray machine takes one low-dose x-ray that shows the entire mouth, sinuses, temporomandibular joints and jaws. The images are displayed in the operatory on the computer and the iPad. While this does not replace the need for regular bite-wing x-rays to detect decay between your teeth, it does prevent us from having to take 18 or 20 individual films in most cases.

Our office also uses a waterless vacuum system, saving thousands of gallons of water a year over traditional systems.