Our Approach: Operatories

Each of the operatories is equipped with a low radiation dose x-ray tube, using digital sensors to expose the images that reduce the total radiation to the patient by up to 90% compared to traditional film. Also, no toxic chemicals are needed to develop the films, nor is any hazardous waste produced.

Special environmentally friendly cleaners, effective to all infection control standards, that break down to non-toxic agents are used to clean the rooms between patients.

Each of the rooms has been specially designed to minimize the amount of disposable barriers that are used. Many things that are disposable in most dental offices have been purchased as reusable, stainless steel pieces that can be sterilized, like the air-water syringe tips and high-velocity suction tubes. Instead of placing a disposable napkin over the patient, we use soft, organic cotton towels, which are also cleaned and sterilized after each use.